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Ornamo's 100 Years Jubilee Exhibition


Hands that Draw the Future Ornamo 100 Years jubilee exhibition, 16 June – 5 August 2012

What does Xylitol chewing gum and the Bright White series of luminaires have in common? How does music sound coming from a ceramic speaker that looks like a miniature sculpture? What is the designer's role in the evolution of our environment and lifestyle? Designers have always designed the future – giving shape to something that did not exist before. Every design seeks to be a step towards a better world – happier, more beautiful, intelligent, and just. The Hands that Draw the Future exhibition tells the story of design from modernism to the future through objects selected by designers and users. From the design objects of the past one hundred years, design professionals have chosen gems of Finnish design that hold a personal meaning for them, familiar as well as unexpected objects and concepts that have revolutionised the life of designers or their way of thinking: ao. Pelago bicycles (Timo & Mikko Hyppönen), Kasaa cardboard shelf (Järvi+Ruoho), OK Do (Anni Puolakka & Jenna Sutela), Pikkujakkala stool (Pekka Harni), Savoy tableware (Karin Widnäs), Daniel Palillo, Ilona Rista, Saara Lepokorpi… The practice of design and the designer's professional identity have changed and broadened in the last hundred years from an object-centred approach toward the management of immaterial entities. In the exhibition, designers of different ages tell about the designer's work, from serial production to unique pieces, from fashion to service design, from start-up entrepreneurship to design leadership. With the Hands that Draw the Future exhibition, the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo celebrates its first centenary. Ornamo is the second oldest design organisation in the world, with members working in industrial, textile, fashion and furniture design, interior architecture as well as art and crafts.
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